It's Sunday and The Son's Arising

My Easter blog was inspired by the powerful and poetic verses of Dr. S.M. Lockridge’s “It’s Friday, but Sunday’s Coming,” Dr. Lockridge, pastored Calvary Baptist Church, San Diego, CA from 1953 to 1993. This is my sequel that embraces the resurrections stories found in all four Gospels and is titled “It’s Sunday and The Son’s Arising!” Enjoy and Happy Resurrection Day!

It’s Sunday. Night is covering.

Most of Jerusalem; sleeping,

The disciples are trembling & the women weeping.

The Pharisees are worrying as the guards stand watching - the tomb.

And Satan is pondering, the words of my Savior,

that in 3 days - the Son is rising

It’s Sunday, the Dawn is breaking

Jerusalem starts waking.

Shadow’s disappearing, as the women are preparing,

to walk for the anointing,

of their friend Jesus, whom they fear is rotting

And resolutely the guard’s are still standing.

It’s Sunday. The birds are chirping,

while the guards stand watching.

From Heaven - Two angels are dispatching.

God starts smiling, because His Son is rising

It’s Sunday. In a borrowed tomb where Jesus is lying,

His blood starts pumping. His fingers start twitching.

His lungs starts filling, and my Lord starts breathing.

Life is returning…and hope - To all mankind

Because The Son is rising.

It’s Sunday. The earth starts quaking.

The guards start shaking.

Like dead men they are rendered,

at the sight of the angels, who like lightning are blinding, as the stone – they are moving.

And the burial cloths they are folding, before revealing … that the Son is rising.

It’s Sunday, into the city, the guards are going;

To the priest, they’re telling, so they – the priest,

pull out coins and start shelling - to buy silence from the guards they are compelling, “Tell them you were sleeping while His followers were stealing - the Body of Jesus”

And so the hypocrisy in continuing, as the priest are bribing, and now the guards are denying, lying,

at what their eyes were spying.

A man, a body, they know…Was the Son Arising?

It’s Sunday, the women are believing,

that Jesus has risen and the disciples they are telling, but the men aren’t buying,

Until John & Peter start running toward the tomb, that’s empty. It’s so confusing. Dare we start believing…That the Son is rising?

It’s Sunday, to the disciples Jesus is appearing,

through a locked door, thus they are fearing,

that the Master, Teacher - Jesus they’re seeing,

is a ghost. Or perhaps a manifestation of their imagination, brought on by fear, fatigue, guilt and doubt.

Thomas is still doubting. He’s doubting Thomas.

Until later in the week he is touching, the wounds of suffering, that my Lord is still sporting,

to show that indeed, The Apostle’s creed,

is to be believed. He suffered under Pontius Pilate,

was crucified, dead and buried. But on the Third day He rose from the dead, as He said He would.

And now, all the disciples are believing,

“The Way, The Truth, The Life”…The Son, arising.

It’s Sunday, Into Heaven, Jesus has ascended,

false teachers, then, and now, pretended,

that a risen Savior is a figment of many imaginations.

But there’s no elimination or speculation,

of the 500 hundred eye witnesses who saw Him alive, with jubilation, after He died.

So let them say that Jesus was just a man who practiced caring and not God’s Son so there’s no despairing…That is, until His next appearing,

when he will judge the quick, the dead and all those daring, To ignore His love, His teaching, His desire to be sparing – an eternity full of darkness, like that first Sunday morning.

How sad, there could be darkness,

when the Son is rising.

It’s Sunday, Not then, but ‘now’

What will you do in honor of this Glorious Appearing?

The Son of God, Who gave His life for you

Who called you to his purpose,

Who sees the church heart not the church face.

Is there any space? You better check,

and I don’t mean check the box that says Christian.

I mean check the space – the amount of room left in your heart to love. It’s Sunday.

Is your life just ending with each day descending?

Or is today a New Beginning?

Will you get off your ifs, ands or buts,

Or will you just be blending, in the silent crowd?

Because it’s Sunday. It’s Easter.

The day we proclaim to an unbelieving nation…

“The Son is Rising!”

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