Explore God - Celebrate Cambridge!

Here is a trustworthy saying that deserves full acceptance: Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners—

(1 Tim 1:15 NIV)

Dear Cambridge Family & Friends,

No way! Back to school time already? Where did my summer go?

Well, truth be told, it was a great (albeit too short) summer with weddings, Baptisms, Mission Fuge Youth Camp, serving our CARITAS guests, close to a hundred pair of shoes and school supplies given to great kids and possibly our largest most wonderfully diverse Vacation Bible School ever. Sooooooo....

…What does all this mean? I mean why are all these ‘churchy’ things even important? If you’ve ever asked these questions, know that you’re not alone. I’ve known people who have literally been in church for decades who still struggle with everyday questions about their faith. Does life have purpose? Is Jesus really the Son of God and even God? Why would a loving God allow pain and suffering? Is Christianity too narrow minded? How reliable is the Bible anyway? Can I really have a personal relationship with God?

If you’ve ever had any of these questions and/or you know anyone else who has as well (and believe me, you do), I want to invite you, and you invite someone you know, to begin a journey with your Cambridge Family and me called Explore God. Explore God is a city wide outreach designed to address or in many of our cases – readdress some of the big questions with our faith. Cambridge will be joining forces with dozens of other churches and small discussion groups united in prayer and effort to tackle the big questions. The official kickoff Sunday is September 11 but some small groups are forming early. Our minister to youth & young adults, Claire Harvey, will be part of a young adult initiative and you can find some great info at

One of the great things that will happen during the Explore God series is we will not only explore God, but also celebrate God and many of the blessings He has poured out on our church this past year. Be on the lookout for your personal invitation to ‘Celebrate Cambridge’ – our annual worship service and Dinner on The Grounds, September 18. Again, this would be a great time to invite old and new friends to Cambridge to experience the excitement, love and growth we have witnessed this past year.

I also want to encourage you to prepare your hearts, minds and call to be part of our Wednesday Night Activities which will begin on September 14th. If this school year is even similar to last, we will once again welcome a number of young people into youth and TeamKid, as well as visitors to our Wednesday Night Dinners, Community Prayer and Bible studies. It is essential that everyone be a part of this outreach to the community. Seniors serving as surrogate grandparents, adults as teachers and volunteers, and young people leading the way and inviting friends.

Jesus has done so much for us including giving His very life so that we would never be separated from God so let’s celebrate Him and give our all to share His incredible love. Explore God. Celebrate Cambridge.

In Him alone,

Pastor Win

Cambridge Baptist Church

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