sNOw Church Sunday

Dear Cambridge Family & Friends,

I'm sure you're not surprised but we will NOT gather together for worship tomorrow as a Body of Christ and are canceling all activities. I do want to encourage you to include a time of worship during Sunday, preferably before the distractions of football and 'fun in the snow' begin. Here are a few suggestions that are part of our vision and passion as a church.

Prayer Connection - I would ask that you spend a few moments just to pray and lift up verbally each name on the prayer list as well as other prayer concerns and praises you are aware of.

Scripture Reading - I want to encourage you to read your Bible tomorrow during your personal or family worship. A great chapter to read is Matthew 6. It's the familiar 'when' chapter and offers guidance (along with that of the Holy Spirit) on prayer, giving, fasting, worrying and more. For those of you who are participating in the 21 day Daniel Fast, I suggest you include Isaiah 58 in your reading and devotion time. It is the Word of God on true fasting; whywe fast and what not to engage in why fasting.

Congregation and Community Connection - This would be a great time to call and check on someone in our church, especially any of seniors or those with physical challenges. It would also be a great time to serve your neighbor by helping shovel their snow or take over some fresh baked cookies, perhaps letting them know that your church wasn't having service today, but you wanted to honor God with an 'ARK' (Act of Random Kindness). Perhaps follow up next week by inviting them to worship.

Tithes & Offerings - Although we get to take a relaxing break in the snow, God's Will and Word is present 24/7 and part of our responsibility as believers is to continue to support that Will and Word with the time, talent and financial resources He has blessed us with. Our church's financial obligations to pay our mortgage, utilities, ministry budget & ministerial staff, and even 'snow' removal continue even when we're safe & warm in our homes. More importantly are those resources that support those who are neither safe nor warm and our contributions support those missionaries, servants who are proclaiming Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, and those Jesus called the least of these. I encourage you to mail in your tithe and contribution this week or just include it in next week's offering during worship. God's word and many personal testimonies proclaim a blessing to those who are faithful (Malachi 3:10).

Enjoy your 'Sabbath' by emerging yourself in God's Word, Will and Way. Be safe and stay warm in your homes and in the Promises of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. ~ Pastor Win

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