Outside services will be held on the Cambridge Drive side of the church grounds.  In case of inclement weather, the service will be cancelled and both an email blast sent to members and posts featured on Facebook/website.    

Dress:  Cool & casual.  Feel free to wear shorts, ballcaps, etc., but please be respectful. 

What to bring:  Face covering, Lawn chair, Bible and water bottle 



The grounds are shaded from 9 to 10 am, and it's a little cooler in the morning, but it's still summer.  You're asked to wear your face covering from your vehicle to the place you set up your lawn chair(s) at least 7 feet from other families/individuals. We're asking everyone to keep at least (the Biblical number) 7 feet from other families/individuals.  Once seated you may lower your face covering, but please stay seated.  Please keep your face covering up when talking to others outside your family and upon returning to your vehicle.    


Meeting outdoors has several advantages.  It enables us to sit as individuals/family clusters with plenty of space between each other.  It also reduces the number of surfaces we need to disinfect.  But most importantly, because it is safer, it will enable more of us to be present!


Speakers and singers will be at least 10 feet from the closest person in front of them.  At this time there will be no congregational singing.  

We understand that meeting outdoors will prevent some from attending, and so we will make the service available live online and still have an individual message available on Facebook Live at 10:30 am.  If your health concerns, heat tolerance, etc. prevents you from coming, or if you care for someone whose health requires you to be particularly cautious about exposure, feel free to join us online.  In addition, 


·  There will be no nursery/childcare. 

·  Our bathroom is equipped with soap, hand sanitizer & sanitizing wipes, but we'd ask that once the service starts no one get up and move around until the end (unless in case of an emergency).  Please go to the bathroom before the service.  

·  Unfortunately, there will not be our beloved greeting and "hug a neck."  Instead, we're asking that you look around without getting up and greet one another with praying hands, acknowledging that you're praying for them.   

If you have any questions, please reach out to me!  We are sailing through uncharted waters, and our desire is to be faithful and prudent in this time.  I understand that everyone is at a different place regarding your perception of necessary precautions.  I'd ask that if you come, come with a heart full of love, understanding and kindness.  God bless.   

Pastor A. Win Davis



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